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Welcome to! I’m so happy you’re here.

Welcome to! I’m so happy you’re here.

This blog is the product of many years of wondering. Every time I wanted to start the questions ‘should I, should I not’ start to debate among themselves. I never had the courage to do it until now. Venturing into something new is scary. I’m a little nervous but more than that I’m excited. Heaps more, thankfully!

So thanks for visiting I’ve got plenty to share and swear on my kolomee (I love noodles) that I’ll plate something up for you regularly. You’ve probably guessed that food is my thing. I figured out my interest fashion and beauty pretty early in life. It took me a little longer to realise that my deepest desire is for people to be there for one another.

Ivy Chelsea Garden, London. (beautiful garden restaurant. Highly recommended)
Golden Sunrise at Gaya Island, KK

You see, at the beginning of 2017, I didn’t feel that well. Not physically, although that was a problem, too, sometimes. My life was very active then. I was looking after three businesses, and had another one on the way (they are like babies to me). At the same time I felt the need to care for myself, pursue other passions. Yoga was my initial go to, then meditation. I talked to a lot of people, started watching spirituality and motivational videos, tried different exercises, took supplements and began to travel more. And more and more. I wondered if I was really giving myself space, or was I running away?

The biggest question, though, was what did I really want to do?

This question was always at the back of my mind on my road to recovery. Funny, because I wasn’t sure what I was trying to recover from. Nonetheless, after some months, I started feeling better. I realised all those ups and downs were just life (like, oh!). I couldn’t see that during those low days. What I saw then was that I was both lost at sea and stuck in a rut.

Back on my feet, I started sharing about what helped me; make-up, skin care, supplements, exercise, meditation, practising no judgement, listening to motivating messages and learning new things. It was hard (sometimes it still is) to keep a positive mindset, but when I talked about what I was doing, others opened up as well. I had no idea that people around me were silently going through the same thing. Sharing became my purpose.

Soaking in the magnificent Cape Town view
Love the mountainous terrains at Tagaytay, Philippines

Beauty has always attracted me. It was beauty that brought me now to a new world; wellness. Beauty and Wellness, Inside Out. For me, for you, for everybody. On I’d like to share information about things which could be useful for you. It could be about food, health, people, places, events, nature, projects – anything that celebrates our wholeness and diversity. What’s crucial is that we come together in the spirit of mutual support.

I’ll need your help. Tell me, please, what’s important to you. Comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome. If you have questions, let’s explore them together. Better yet, if you read something you can empathise with, feel free to contribute something that can be of comfort. As individuals we can only do so much but if everyone chips in – well, can you imagine it? Now that you’re here, I definitely can.

With inmost gratitude,