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First Custom Blend Beauty Workshop

On the 6th,7th and 9th of June 2018, Fiona and I hosted the first custom blend in town! It was a very fun & interactive 3 days of Beauty workshop with Beauty Queen and plus size model Fiona Tan 


Ladies, we hear each other complain all the time that it can be challenging to find the right makeup to match our skin tone, or to achieve the right glow or to find the perfect tone of lipsticks and the list goes on. With Motives Custom Blend we are now able to make our own good quality makeup. Motives cosmetics are highly reputable mineral based makeup that has high pigments.

During the 3 days sessions participants can make their own Custom Blend namely: Foundation, Mineral Powder, Concealers, Eye Shadows, Blushes, Bronzers, Shimmer Powders, and Lip Stains.

Each session starts with a brief consultation and discussion on participants’ needs and wants.

There are different ingredients and steps for different products. For custom blend foundation, participants learn that it begins with choosing the correct base to closely match their skin. Once the correct base have been determined, they learn how to add different toners so that they can perfectly color correct the foundation to their skin. They also learn how to use toners to match not only their skin color, but also the undertones in their skin. In addition to perfectly matching the participant’s foundation to their skin tone, we are able to also add sunscreen, mattifier, or a pearl finish. We can modify the thin (sheer), to normal, to heavy coverage (that can cover up tattoos). Modifiers are added for oil control and hydration, there’s also an ultra-firming botanical that helps tighten the skin. Once we have matched the customer’s skin to perfection and have created their personalized makeup, participants can have free makeover using their custom blend makeup or try on any products we have. 


There were also guests who are there for the complimentary skincare consultation, everyone who is there can try on any of the skincare and makeup on display. Participants for the custom blend can also get a makeup make over by Fiona.

I also shared knowledge and tips on how to improve our skincare daily routine featuring the skintelligence plant-based skincare, Lumiere skin care range and Pentaxyl.

On the wellness side, participants also learned about some nutritional facts of isotonix and supplements that are able to improve our general health or health issues and gained insights on how to maintain beauty inside out.

A big Thank You to everyone who attended our first custom blend workshop, personally it was a very fun and rewarding experience for Fiona and I. We hope to create a community for all ladies to be more comfortable in their own skin. We believe that if there is a problem there will always be a solution, same goes to our skin, so if you do need to consult anything we will definitely try our best to help.

Here’s some feedback from the participants:

“I experience something new which is creating my own makeup and also get to know about myself like the color of my undertone and then what sort of makeup will be suitable for me and what sort of skincare as well” – Bibi


“It was fun making a custom blend orange lip stain. It was exactly the colour that i wanted. Been searching for this specific tone but was not able to find it in the market. I am so glad now we are able to make our own makeup”  – Albee 


“We enjoyed the session because we learned a lot about choosing the right loose powder for our skin tone, choosing the right skincare for our skin conditions, and supplements as well”