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The Wellness Weekend 101

The Wellness Weekend 101

We are so excited to announce the happening of the first Wellness Weekend at Yogi Bliss this December.

It took many months of organising with renowned beauty and wellness experts and now that we’re all set, we can finally invite you to join us for a valuable wellness weekend!

Connect face to face with these inspiring international Inside Out beauty and wellness practitioners:

  • Harris Surya Jahim, Energy work and transformation expert
  • Nelson Hsiao, Fitness trainer, mental and emotional wellness advocate
  • Fiona Tan, Wellness entrepreneur, Bespoke cosmetologist, beauty pageant director

Over three days, from 1st to 3rd December, there will be healing coaching sessions and four different classes where you can learn more about yourself and pick up new skills to achieve greater health, beauty and wellness in life.  Come experience exclusive workshops such as an aromatic handcraft workshop and a wellness and beauty talk with international facilitators and wellness experts. It is all happening at Yogi Bliss Studio, Gadong Sentral.

The activities are designed to help you learn more about yourself, gain awareness and find ways to improve wellbeing to maintain a sustainable healthier lifestyle. It will be a wonderful weekend to refresh your mind, body, heart and soul among kindred spirits.

Bringing this wellness weekend to you is like a dream, and I hope it will be the first of many.  I believe we’re all connected, which is why self-care and transformation is not just a symbol of honouring yourself, it is also an act of generosity towards the people around you – family, friends, colleagues and the community at large.  I’m excited to see you there.

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Until then, be well!

All of the activities have limited slots and it is encouraged to book in advance to secure your spots. The main activities are:

  • One on One Healing Sessions by Harris Jahim $80  (Dec 1-3, 11am-4pm about 60-70mins)
    Our body is a compass that points to our deep issues.  Bring chronic pains, migraines, back problems, fatigue and other concerns to light and learn to heal yourself from within.  Multiple sessions are available
  • Coaching Sessions by Harris Jahim $80 (Dec 1-3, 11am-4pm)
    We are equipped with the ability to heal ourselves.  Sometimes this ability is buried under blockages which come in either physical, emotional, mental or spiritual forms.  Identify these obstacles and be guided by Your Higher Soul once again.
  • Wellness 101 by Fiona Tan $10 (Dec 2, 2-4pm)
    Improve health and glow inside out with more knowledge and practical ways you can adapt to maintain a sustainable healthier lifestyle.
  • Aroma Handcraft  by Nelson Hsiao $50 (Sat, Dec 2, 7-9pm)
    Let your heart lead in this workshop where you will mindfully choose from the best ingredients, learn a unique life skill and take home a lovingly hand made product.
  • Full Moon in Gemini with Essential Oils by Harris Jahim $30 (Sun, Dec 3, two sessions: 9 – 11am and 7 – 9pm)
    Scentalise your spirit and reconnect with yourself within a space of serenity.  This guided meditation allows you to go full circle, letting go what no longer serves and opening you up to more personal creativity, joy and flow
  • Beauty Wellness by Fiona Tan $10 (Dec 3, 2-4pm)
    Gain practical knowledge and ways to improve your skincare and makeup regime. Enjoy trying on different products and colours to enhance your everyday look.

A Package early bird fee applicable for bookings made by the 28th November.  The package includes four activities; Wellness 101, Beauty Wellness, Aroma Handcraft workshop and Full Moon in Gemini guided meditation.

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Early Bird Package