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My First Wellness Weekend

Helloo, helloo! It’s been a while since my last entry here. I’ve been meaning to post an overview on the first wellness weekend that happened last December.  It’s exactly six months after that event today and I’m finally posting an update. Thanks to the encouragement and support from my friends.

 To be honest, I didn’t even realise how quickly time has passed. To keep it short, I will summarize the past six months in two sentences. After the wellness weekend I made a priority to keep learning for selfdiscovery and to share what has helped me with more people. I feel that I’ve caught up with and talked to more people or friends about life in these past months than the past two years. I was fully engrossed in exploring, travelling and reconnecting with myself and the people around me.

Hosting that first wellness weekend  was a great experience for me. It started when Harris Jahim from Singapore contacted me about organising a healing and meditation session in Brunei. He also talked about coming in with Nelson Hsiao from Taiwan who will be conducting an aroma candle making workshop. I had no idea how to go about organising something like that, but I knew I wanted to help make it happen. 

I got in touch with a friend and yoga instructor since forever, Jac Fang @yogiblissbrunei. She was totally open and accepting about using her studio for the event. Another good friend, Fiona, was planning to come to Brunei in December as well, to do a beauty workshop, so we decided to combine all the activities into one wellness weekend for people to come learn, to understand themselves more and to reconnect with life more consciously.  We set the date for 1st to 3rd December, and then we were on our way!


A very big thank you to the 50 people who attended one or more sessions over the three days event. There were a total of five different activities that took place. Check them out:- 


Beauty Queen and plus size model Fiona Tan and I hosted the Beauty wellness and Wellness 101 sessions. For the Beauty wellness session, we featured some products which includes the skintelligence plant-based skincare, Lumiere skin care range, Motives makeup and Pentaxyl. Guests were able to try on the products and get a makeup make over. I loved seeing  the ladies faces light up when they were intrigued with the products and saw how using them can make the skin flawless and glow.

The most excited person was Jac, who went for a full makeup session with Fiona.

We all gained practical knowledge and tips on how to improve our skincare regime as well as using different products and colours to enhance our everyday look. 

 During the Wellness 101 session, we learned about some nutritional facts, how to improve our general health, which isotonix or supplements products are good to help with different health issues, insights on how to glow inside out, and more. It was my first time attending Fiona’s Wellness 101 talk, and I got a lot out of it, especially practical ways I can adapt to maintain a healthier lifestyle in a sustainable way.


Personally really enjoyed the full moon in Gemini meditation session. We were able to reconnect ourselves within a space of serenity. This guided meditation allowed us to let go as we open up to more creativity, joy and flow.


The personal healing sessions were also very interesting! Myself and fifteen other guests took the courage to explore and be open with the energy work and oracle readings. Most of us felt lighter after the experience. Some felt that it helped with their chronic pains, migraines, fatigue and some felt a deep release of negative energies. We walked away feeling that we understand ourselves a little better.

 Nelson, who believes in finding balance in our life journey, taught us how to make aroma candles using soy wax. He encouraged us to let our hearts lead in this workshop, as we mindfully chose from an array of Young Living essential oils, learn a unique life skill and take home a lovingly handmade product.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend filled with lots of learnings and many wonderful memories. I am so, so grateful for each and everyone of you who made it happen, for the encouraging words, kind support and the openness to try out the activities. We hope that more of you can experience our future events as we grow and learn mindfully together. Life is really an interesting journey of always learning and always sharing. 


Here’s some feedback from the guests who attended the classes:

“Hi Denise! I attended the lipbalm making class and one of the meditation sessions.  It was lovely playing around with the essential oils and knowing how to make my own lipbalm. I haven’t stocked up on the raw materials yet (soy and bees wax), but I’ll be looking out for them when I travel. The instructor was knowledgeable, easy to follow and friendly. I also learned about moon affects on us at certain times from when I attended the meditation. I came alone for the lip balm class, but for meditation I was with a friend. I seen a few people came with a couple of friends. Perhaps people who come in groups can have some discounts?”

– Huwaida, a writer and a very supportive friend @ihuwaida 


“I really enjoyed the session on Beauty and Wellness as i learned a lot. I learned about how to improve my skin, got to know more about why we need good supplements to help sustain a healthy lifestyle. My sister has talked and share about the products before but going to the talk gave me a more insightful knowledge. Personally all the sessions helped me as i gained useful and practical information which can easily be applied to daily routine.”

– Dilys, Sister, fitness enthusiast, food stylist @lemonpopps


“Last year I had the opportunity to attend the wellness and beauty 101 workshop led by Fiona. 
Through this workshop I was able to gain a more profound understanding on the various aspects on maintaining a healthy habit and how to integrate this into my lifestyle with the help of some essential nutrients that was showcased in the workshop. As a women, not only it is important to maintain our internal health but we also need to take care of our beauty. Through the beauty wellness talk, It was great to have a deeper understanding on how to maintain a proper skincare regime and learn the various makeup tips techniques demonstrated by Fiona herself. Overall I had a wonderful experience at the workshop. A big Thank you to Denise and Fiona for hosting this amazing wellness workshop.”

– Candy, talented baker, Yogi Friend @candyhan @touchofsweetness_candy

Thank you for reading up to this far.  If you have any enquiries or questions about feel free to ask and I will do my best get back to you.


Here’s a video of the weekend, enjoy watching! 



Be happy and well always!