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About Me

Hi! I’m Denise Chai. Thank you for dropping by!

I’m based in the serene South East Asian country of Brunei, the Abode of Peace. All my life, Brunei has been home to my family and me. Brunei’s beautiful, it’s surrounded by nature and the people are truly warm and friendly.

On a typical day, my time is shared between self-caring, family, running several businesses and my few passions. Okay, actually I have more than a few of those! I’m very keen on – in alphabetical order – beauty, fashion, food, health, sharing and travel!

The blog is the net that pulls these loves together. While I still run a fashion and home living boutique, four eateries and an online health and beauty supplement business, I also wanted to create a community resource space where we can share ideas, concerns, experiences and, especially, the things we come across which are sources of joy, vitality and wealth of body, mind and spirit. There is an invisible but perceptible link between the person and the community, whether near or large. We are extensions of each other. That’s why I feel if something has helped one person, it may help others as well.

Here, you can read topics relating to health, fashion, fitness (I’m partial to yoga), lifestyle, travel, food and some innovations in the world. That last bit seems random, right? Being whole is more than what can easily fall into physical, mental and spiritual. It’s also things in between that make you smile or go ooh, aah and aha! So, please, let’s share what we care about (no matter how random) and live well together.

I’m also on Instagram as @denisewellness. Your comments, suggestions and questions to mutually explore are welcome! Enjoy your visit.

Are you in Brunei?  Come check these out:

For Food:

For Food and Fashion:

  • Rack & Brew (a café and fashion boutique combo that I run together with my sister Dilys) @rackandbrew

For Health and Beauty:

  • More info coming up soon